Avoiding conflict with Scratchbox

We noticed that many people are giving up to try Mamona due to 2 reasons:

  1. We were requesting the user to install a qemu compatible version.  Of course this can bother people that use Scratchbox or another emulated system. Even Scratchbox has its own qemu you need to register the right interpreter on kernel through binfmt_misc and this registration is system-wide.
  2. There were many scritps to set/fetch/setup Mamona stuff and the help was distributed in many pages. All of this scripts were located (hidden) in tool.git repository and the documentation was a set of small pages with pointers between them asking for a “segmentation fault” :D

So we decided to make the things easier to the user creating mamona-installer.  It includes all Mamona scripts, our own qemu-arm static binary and do the dependency track. You just need to get the deb, rpm or tarball package and install Mamona.

The installer includes mamona-cputransp script to easily switch between qemu-arm interpreters in your system. Now you can have Mamona and Scratcbox in your machine and use them  one at a time.

The mamona-installer is included in our just released Mamona 0.2!!! Wooow!! See our Release Notes and enjoy our completely rewritten documentation :)

Suggestions and bugs, please report to us!

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