Macbook Pro 5,1 + OCZ Vetex 120GB + Ubuntu

I’ve just finished.

After buy a SSD Vertex, I finally get my whole system working and now I can say: it’s not hard, it’s tricky. I’ll write some posts to let my efforts registered and maybe help someone to get the same success.

First of all, why did I buy a SSD?

I’m addicted to I/O performance. Actually this is the only reason. I could say that I want to improve the build time of Mamona, (and actually this is one nice reason), but in the truth, I just want to play with some of that toys ;)

Firmware upgrade and MacOS install

I’ve read some posts before get the SSD and I knew that a firmware upgrade was needed. The following link was enough to point me the instructions.

NOTE: The boring part was to find a desktop computer… I didn’t try the iso from OCZ in a Mac machine (and I can bet that it wouldn’t work).

The MacOS installation went flawlessly, no problems at all. I need to highlight the migration system. I just plugged my “old” disk in the USB port and bingo: users, configuration and files migrated to the new disk. Apple++.

Before the Linux installation, the finding…

… Ubuntu was not prepared to SSD disks. Well, it works without hacks. But if you want to get all the performance your disk has (remember my reason to buy it?) you need to make some adjustments to your Ubuntu Jaunty.

I won’t post everything together in the same post. The following posts (in HOWTO format) will show how I made these adjustments in my Ubuntu.

I can divide the whole process in four parts:

  1. Ensuring the partition alignment;
  2. Installing Ubuntu with a customized mkfs.ext4 command;
  3. Solving random freezes;
  4. Make Broadcom 4322 wireless work in the 2.6.30 kernel.

After these posts, I want to prepare one about the SSD performance compared to the original MacBook Pro 7200 rpm disk.


  1. Ricardo Salveti Said,

    July 20, 2009 @ 7:28 am

    You could simplify the process by putting the following point:
    1 – Installing Gentoo




  2. Aloisio Said,

    July 22, 2009 @ 12:47 am

    Hahaha let me remind you that you have used a Ubuntu Live CD to help your Gentoo installation ;)

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