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Hey all,

It was a great time in San Francisco last week when I attended the Linux Collaboration Summit.

Presentations from key people of big companies (there were also summit sponsors) fulfill the first day agenda.

I highlight Intel and Nokia presentations, both showing what they want with Meego and both emphasizing the collaborative and open source aspects of the project. Of course the “paradox” of being open and possibly include closed components were source of some questions that the speakers tried to answer, but somehow I feel that some people didn’t get satisfied. The answer is simple in my point of view: products may need more code then Meego provides. Meego could avoid vendors to add closed code to Meego based products by a pedantic licensing scheme but it may be harmful to a project that is just launching and that has a competitor that allows proprietary code to be added. Meego already sees that open source is the way to best quality products, this is very good. Now the vendors that must follow the same way…

In the second day the Meego workgroup!

Firstly, the obvious that everybody says after a conference: very nice to assign faces to nicknames, very nice to have opportunity to answer the questions you have directly to the right person and very nice to do networking.

There were no news in the presentations but the talks were very productive in a way that lot of questions were raised and answered by the speakers like that the Qt will be more than a UI toolkit to become the application toolkit, acting as an interface to access the device resources. There was the nice talk from Marcel also about the connectivity part followed by the technical panel with architects from Nokia and Intel.

I could not forget to say that San Francisco is a very nice city, lot of places to visit, nice weather.. impossible to refuse to take some hours to visit touristic places there!

Well, I just want to say that was very nice to be part of this event! Looking forward next year ;)

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    The presentations slides are available on

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